My hair is super frizzy and I usually end up straightening it or curling it using heat. But not anymore. My curls are more defined and I don’t really see a lot of frizz after using their 3 in 1 hair conditioner.

Prarthana Jagan

Fashion Model

I genuinely enjoyed the whole process of doing Mani and Pedi at Home. It’s cost effective unlike salons.

Lasya Chittella

Lawyer, Skincare Enthusiast

My washroom still smells like Rose Petals after taking a shower with their bath salt. It’s so good. so sooo good.

Mounima Chandrabhatla

Singer & Actor, TFI

My go to exfoliator for Lips is Beetroot Lipscrub. I’ve been using it for very long.

Kalpika Ganesh

Actor, TFI.

Kleen Skin’s winter range is amazing. My children doesn’t use any other soap except from Kleen Skin

Thabitha Sukumar

W/O Sukumar, Director, TFI

Their Lip care products work like magic. They are very potent and effective.


Actor & YouTuber

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